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Are you an avid runner? Feel safe while running or walking alone at night and in the early morning. Stay connected when you are in potentially dangerous situations. React Mobile™ lets your most trusted contacts follow you to safety.

Travel Safely

Worldwide Emergency Calls


Going abroad? Get help when it counts. React Mobile™ allows your family and friends to track your whereabouts when traveling to new locations, providing you with a direct line to safety when it matters most.  

Stay Connected

Accurate GPS locations


Meeting new people? Whether you are going on a date or visiting a new business client, meeting strangers is no longer a problem with React Mobile™. Remain in contact with your friends and return home safely. 

Family Protection

Real-time Tracking


Taking care of loved ones? Parents and guardians can stay involved without being intrusive. Watch your children play around the neighborhood, while you are on vacation or when they are away at college. Parents can also rest easy by tracking inexperienced teen drivers. Find comfort in knowing your family is safe.   


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  • ClearCause


    ClearCause utilized React Mobile technology to create an app for students traveling abroad that turns their smartphones into secure lifelines.  This partnership proceeded in the creation of the app, ASAPP SOS, a fully customized safety app which is powered by React Mobile featuring SOS alerts, custom contact lists, real-time tracking and worldwide emergency calls.

  • Pocket Guardian

    Pocket Guardian

    Pocket Guardian is a unique app that transforms your phone into a personal security device to ensure you are safe on campus. Through this app students, staff and administrators can communicate and alert authorities in emergency situations, using React Mobile’s hi-tech features, including SOS alert, real-time GPS locations, worldwide emergency calls and more.

  • ClearCause on ABC

    ClearCause on ABC

    The inspiration for the ClearCause Foundation came from a real-life tragedy experienced by the founders, Sheryl and Alan Hill. ClearCause Foundation brings together people who have endured tragedy from their loved ones traveling abroad. ClearCause with the aid of React Mobile created the safety app, A Student Abroad Preparedness Plan (ASAPP). 

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