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Birmingham Business Journal: Four apps that make life safer for Realtors

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Practical safety precautions and strategies have been in place for real estate agents for decades.

The Birmingham Association of Realtors’ Ten Commandments of Agent Safety was written in 1988 and is still used in agent safety training classes today.


Runners World: Four Apps for Running Safety

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Common sense goes a long way in keeping you safe on the run, but the occasional close call with a distracted driver or threatening stranger can throw off your sense of security in heading out alone.

While most of us try to stick to these running safety tips, there are times when we take to unfamiliar trails on a solo mission, or can’t get our miles in before dark. Here are four running safety apps for those times when you’d like a little extra peace of mind.

Kitestring is a simple new service you can activate when you enter a potentially unsafe situation, like a nighttime solo run. Kitestring checks up on you after a period of time, and if you don’t respond or postpone the check-in, it sends a customized emergency message to your pre-selected contacts. One of the coolest things about the app is that it’s web-based, so you don’t even need a smartphone to use its safety features through SMS.
Free; Any web device

Road ID
If you have friends or family that worry about you running alone, Road ID’s new app allows them to check in on a digital breadcrumb of your route. If you stop moving for five minutes and don’t respond to an alert within 60 seconds, the app will send out an S.O.S. message to your chosen contacts. Like Kitestring, Road ID’s strength lies in the fact that it’s triggered by your inactivity—which can make a huge difference in the case of a serious emergency that prevents you from pulling out your phone.
Free; iOS

If you can access your phone during moments of danger, you can signal for help with bSafe. One button turns your phone into a siren, alerts authorities, records video, and informs your contacts of your GPS location.
Free; iOS, Android

Similar to bSafe, ReactMobile alerts 911 or sends your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts with the touch of a button. Your loved ones can also track your motion in real-time.
Free; iOS, Android

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ABC NEWS: Real estate agents re-evaluate safety measures after Arkansas slaying

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OKLAHOMA CITY —Real estate agents in the metro are rethinking how they tend to business after the killing of a colleague in Arkansas.

Investigators said the victim, Beverly Carter, went by herself to a showing with a stranger and never returned. Her body was discovered in a shallow grave.

Real estate agent’s killing hits home.

“I mean, it’s something we all hate to think about but we’re aware that it can happen,” said Keller Williams’ Susanna Lorg.

The incoming president of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors, a professional organization for realtors in the metro, says she is constantly aware of her surroundings. She’s urging her peers to play it safe.

“I normally listen to my gut,” she said.

As an added precaution, Lorg suggests meeting with potential clients at the office before showing a home.

“Get a good chance to visit with them, interview them, see what kind of home they’re looking for, even help them maybe with the qualification of their loan,” she said. “That’s really the ultimate way to do it and then go out on showings.”

Carter’s case in Arkansas has some real estate agents going one step further, including Lorg. Some are investing in Tasers.

“I bought one a few years ago and we sell them here at the office,” she said. “I’ve never had to use it. I really hate the thought of using it. But it’s available if I have reason to.”

Next Monday OKCMAR is holding a self-defense class for its female members.

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TechBits: safety devices

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ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Devices coming on the market could get help to you fast in an emergency.

Ooma has rolled out a new Safety Phone to work with its existing VOIP service. The safety phone has two quick-call buttons. It can also be configured to post 911 alerts on Facebook and Twitter, so more people will see your call for help. The device can also be used as a portable speakerphone for everyday conversation.

The company behind React Mobile has come out with the Sdiekick, designed to get you access to the apps emergency alerts faster. It prevents you form having to take out your phone and open up the app. Alerts can be sent out with one button. React Mobile is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

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KOMO NEWS 4: University of Washington student uses React Mobile safety app for protection when walking through campus alone

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There are smartphone apps that let you send a distress call when you are in trouble, but those involves a rather lengthy process, including pulling out your phone, unlocking it and lunching the app. obviously in a real emergencies, you won’t have time for that. this is where React Mobile‘s React Sidekick comes in. React Sidekick works in sync with React Mobile app (available for both Android and iOS devices), which has been in the market for over a year now, to let you quickly send a distress message to predetermined members of your family or friends at a press of a button. the distress message is send as text messages and email, or can be posted on your Twitter or Facebook page if so desire. of course, it will need to be paired to your device via Bluetooth LE.

the key attraction here is, React Sidekick is tiny, unobtrusive and keychain-friendly, which means it can remain easily accessible all the time. it can even clip on your garment while you are out jogging or on your bag when you are walking home after work. the companion app is a powerful mobile application that not only allows you to broadcast distress message, but it will also let you dial your local emergency services at a touch of a button. additionally, the app also boasts a follow mode, which allows your love one to track your whereabouts as you go on with your routines. when family members or friends are tracking you, the built-in LED will let you know by turning yellow, so you can have a peace of mind that someone is watching over you.

billed as the wearable tech for emergencies, React Sidekick measures a minuscule 1.4 inches in diameter and has over a year of battery life. range is of course, anything between zero to thirty feet as with most Bluetooth devices and it is naturally, water resistant to stand up to daily outdoor usages. React Mobile has turned to Kickstarter, seeking funding to take React Sidekick to the market. you can show your love by making a pledge $29 or more where you will land yourself with a React Sidekick – if the project hits or surpasses its set funding goal.

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Best Crowdfunding Websites: Sidekick: A Better Safety Device

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The old commercials that made the words, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” into a catch phrase, pointed up the need for quick emergency communication. Today, the news is full of missing children, violent robbery and many forms of assault, teaching that it is not just the elderly who need a quick alert system.

Robb Monkman was a victim of armed robbery while he was still in college. This inspired him to seek development of a better security device – one that transcends age and gender, and can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. He teamed with partner, Rob Bangerter, a who has extensive experience in mobile application design. He says that this project gives him the opportunity to indulge his two greatest passions: good user applications and safety for his family.

It started with React Mobile, a downloadable app that allows the user to alert friends and family members when he or she is entering a potentially dangerous situation. React Mobile uses existing gps technology to allow others to track the user’s position. A touch of a button on the face plate of the cell phone changes the yellow alert “tracking” to “alert” in case of actual danger. This system has been in place, and in operation for a year. It even allows an alert to be posted to Twitter or Facebook. However, this system requires access a cell phone, and has the potential to be just a shade too slow.

The newest idea is a single button that can be clipped to clothing in a secure place that is easily accessible – such as a belt, collar or even a keychain. The button will display green, yellow or red status so the user knows the setting. The button positioned to prevent it being depressed accidentally in a pocket or purse. When pressed, it wakes up the cell phone app, sending messages to the user’s backup network. React will also support text-to-911. Text-to-911 is currently only available to limited services. More widespread service is proposed, but current recommendation is to use voice phone for 911.

To bring this new product to market, the partners and their team of developers have created a React Sidekick Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign. Contributions from $1.00 to $28.00 will be received with a big “thank you,” and the knowledge that you have helped make the world a safer place. For $29.00 or more, you will receive your own Sidekick. This price includes a keychain attachment and an activity clip, as well as shipping inside the US. If you want a family pack of three Sidekicks, donate $69.00 or more to the Kickstarter campaign. Contribute $99 or more, and you can receive a limited edition green-colored Sidekick. Pledge as much as $5,000, and meet with the developers in their office in Seattle to discuss partnership options. You will also receive a green-colored Sidekick.

React Sidekick pic2If you cannot contribute to this campaign, you can still help spread the word about this great idea. Talk it up on Facebook or Twitter, tell your friends about it. Maybe one of them can invest in a Sidekick for you.

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Upstart Business Journal: After scary personal experience, Seattle entrepreneur built a wearable to call for help in emergencies

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When Robb Monkman was the victim of an armed robbery in 2004 as an undergraduate student, he had no way to call for help while the attack was happening. The Seattle entrepreneur resolved to fix that, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a wearable anyone can use to call for help.

The React Sidekick is a small wearable with an inset button that, when pushed, alerts an app on your smartphone to text a message to your emergency contacts, including 911. It can also post to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not always possible to reach your phone in an emergency, so the wearable will benefit seniors who are home alone and victims of attack or medical emergencies.

The React Sidekick is a small Bluetooth device with a battery that lasts about 18 months, Monkman said.

React Mobile launched an app to call your emergency contacts last year, and it now has 15,000 downloads, Monkman said.

But the most common feedback the company received was that it’s not always possible to reach and unlock your phone, so Monkman said they decided to make a device that can live on your physical person. The device is a small clip with a button on it that could be easily attached to clothing or a belt.

“At the end of the day an app alone is not enough,” Monkman said. “If you’re ever in an emergency situation it’s next to impossible to find your phone.”

The Sidekick can communicate with smartphones up to 30 feet away. It works with iOS 6 and later, as well as most Android devices.

Texting 911 will be enabled as the emergency texting system is set up across the U.S.
The technology acts as a kind of modern day update to Life Alert, a system known mostly for its popular tagline “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Life Alert calls a dispatch center that can then alert authorities; Sidekick cuts out the middleman and doesn’t require you to chat on the phone.

The team of six is planning to use funds it is raising through Kickstarter to make 2,500 units by the end of the year. The Sidekick will have an early bird price of $29 that will increase to $50.

The initial found manufacturing will take place locally.

The company is hoping to raise $25,000 to fund the Sidekicks. The Kickstarter launched Wednesday and has raised more than $4,000 with 27 days to go.

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Gadget Flow: The React Sidekick

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The React Sidekick is transforming the way people call for help in an emergency. Send a widespread alert with the click of a button. If you’ve ever worried about your safety or the safety of a loved one you are going to be excited about the React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with our free app putting security within reach when it counts. Please help us bring the React Sidekick into production as we begin our journey to transform the way people call for help in an emergency.

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WWN: The React Sidekick Is A Smart, Personal Panic Button

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Getting help in an emergency – even if you’re hurt or incapacitated in some way – is one of the areas that technology companies are looking to address: consider the FCC’s recent ruling that text-to-911 services should be made available across the United States. The latest wearable to tackle the issue is the React Sidekick, launching today as a Kickstarter project with a target of raising $25,000 over the next month.

All it takes is the click of a button and help will be on its way. It pairs via Bluetooth with the React Mobile app, which has been available for over a year as a standalone product on Android and iOS. “We’ve been continually evolving our software and it’s become clear that an app alone is not enough,” say the React Mobile team. “That’s why we’ve created the React Sidekick. You now have peace of mind at your fingertips without the need to find your phone, unlock it and dial. Simply press the React Sidekick button to send out a widespread alert.”

When you push the button on the React Sidekick fob, the trusted contacts you’ve already configured receive an emergency email and text message. There’s also the option to send out an alert on Facebook and Twitter if you really want to raise the alarm quickly. The notifications that are broadcast include your current location so people can find you. It adds extra peace of mind if you’re walking or running alone, particularly late at night.

The pairing between your phone and the fob is a one-time process, and the emergency alert works even when the phone is locked. The React Sidekick will also support the previously mentioned text-to-911 initiative. If the React Mobile team raise sufficient funds, the device is set to go into production in November, with shipping in December. An early bird price of $29 is available via the Kickstarter page if you want to get your order in right away.

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